Unit 8.1

Personal identity and housing

3.1.2. Address
to live on the outskirts
to live in the centre
to change direction
10.1.1. Construction
to build a house
to build a building
to build a house
to build a building
10.1.2. Buying and renting
the landlord
the owner
to buy
to rent
to visit a flat
to go to see a flat
to pay the rent
to pay the mortgage
to pay for the flat
to pay the electricity (bill)
to pay the council tax
to pay the gas (bill)
to pay the water (bill)
to pay the phone (bill)
10.1.3. Occupation
the moving company
the moving van
to move house
to move
to go (to live) in
10.2.1. Types
the block of flats
the apartment block
10.2.3. People
the doorman
the owner
10.2.4. Conditions
the second hand flat
a bright flat
a light-filled flat
20.3.1. city
(the) outskirts
the police station
the fire station
the shopping district
the residential district
the industrial district
the commercial zone
the residential zone
the industrial zone
the historic quarter
the old town