Unit 9.1

Diet, economy and industry

5.3. Food
the seafood
the spices
the cold meat
the fillet
the sausage
the chorizo
the aubergine
the pumpkin
the spinach
the peas
the lentils
the (white) beans
the chickpeas
the sponge cake
the cupcake
the cherry
the pineapple
the kiwi
the full fat milk
the skimmed milk
the skimmed milk
the cream
the margarine
the natural yoghurt
the fruit yoghurt
the fat free yoghurt
the lamb chops
the pork chops
the chicken breast
the sirloin steak
the olive oil
the sunflower oil
the vinager
the mustard
the egg white
the egg yolk
the egg shell
15.5.1. heavy and light construction and industry
the industry
the agriculture
the farming
the fishing
the construction
the business
the transport
the raw material
the energy
the production
the manufacture
to manufacture
to produce
15.5.3. fishing
the fisherman
the fishing boat
the shellfish
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