Unit 5.2

Notions and physical dimension

1.1. Existence, inexistence
the life
the death
to exist
to construct
to destroy
to cancel
to create
to design
to invent
to produce
5.9. Audibility, hearing
the silence
the sound
the voice
the shout
to shout
to hear well
to not be able to hear well
to hear nothing
for the telephone to ring
for the ringtone to play
to be high
to be low
to speak loudly
to speak quietly
to be loud
to be quiet
to be quiet
to be quiet
in a loud voice
in a quiet voice
6.11. Success, achievement
the competition
the contest
the victory
the success
the award
the result
the winner
the loser
to try
to score
to win
to lose
1.4. Life cycle and reproduction
the life
the death
to be pregnant
to expect a child
to be a virgin
to make love
to have sexual relations
to be on the pill
to use condoms
to be on one's period