Unit 3.2

Communication and technology

9.4. Written press
the journalism
the press
the editorial
the listings
the economy (section)
the culture (section)
the sports (section)
the press agency
the photography agency
the cultural suplement
the economy suplement
to publish news
to publish a report
to publish an interview
to publish an article
to write news
to write a report
to write up an interview
to write an article
16.4. Computing and new technologies
the keyboard
the key
the screen
the mouse
the internet café
the antivirus
the laser printer
the colour printer
to click (with the mouse)
to click
to open a document
to close a document
to save a document
to delete a document
to copy a word
to cut a word
to paste a word
to insert a word
to select a word
to search for a word
to install a programme
the user
to download a programme
to download a programme
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