Unit 8.2


10.3.1. House cleaning
to mop the floor
to wash the dishes
to sweep
to do the shopping
to make the bed
to hoover
to take out the rubbish
to iron
to hang up the washing
10.3.2. Decorating the house
the decoration
the modern feel
the classic feel
the modern style
the classic style
to decorate
to light up a room
to light up a space
e Proposed example
the carpet
the curtains
the poster
the vase
the mirror
the chest of drawers
the bedside table
10.4.2. Electrical appliances
the (small) electrical appliance
the fridge
the freezer
the oven
the coffee maker
the sound system
to work
to be broken
to be broken
to turn an electrical appliance on
to turn an electrical appliance off
to install a new electrical appliance
to get rid of an electrical appliance
to connect an electrical appliance
to programme an electrical appliance
to plug an electrical appliance in


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