Unit 10.2

Travelling and transportation II

14.1.2. Types of travel
to go on a cruise
to go on safari
the business trip
the study trip
the business trip
the long trip
to travel as a family
to travel in a group
to have a long weekend
to go for a weekend
to have a long weekend
to go for a weekend
to go away for a long weekend
to go out for the weekend
to go on a package holiday
to pay for a package holiday
to sightsee
to board a train
to board a bus
to board a plane
to get off a train
to get off a bus
to get off a plane
14.3.5. Aerial transport
the helicopter
the hot air balloon
the hang glider
the paragliding
the terminal
the information point
the meeting point
the boarding pass
the boarding gate
the seat
the window
to take off
to land
to stop over
to check in luggage
to check in suitcases
to collect luggage
to collect suitcases
to board the plane
to get off the plane
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