Unit 6.1

Evaluative notions and spare time II

6.13. Capacity, competence
to be good at
to be good for
to be good with
to be bad at
to be bad for
to be bad with
to be a genius at
to be a disaster at
to practise
8.1. Free time and entertainment
the rest
the holiday
the cooking
the gardening
the DIY
to go camping
to have a picnic
to be a tourist
to join a club
to join an asociation
to join a group
to work as a volunteer
to have free time
to be busy
to be free
to have a commitment
to go for drinks
to go for tapas
to go clubbing
to go out for drinks
to go out for tapas
to go out clubbing
to get bored
to have a good time
to have a bad time
to have fun
to do a gardening course
to do a cooking course
to be a fan of
to do crosswords
to collect stamps
to collect coins
8.2. Shows and exhibitions
the cinema seat
the theatre seat
the cinema row
the theatre row
the spectator
the audience
the stage
the (art) gallery
the bullring
to show a film
to queue
to be a success