Unit 5.2

Qualitative notions and physical appearance

5.11. Smell
to smell like
the perfume
the weak smell
the strong smell
to smell good
to smell bad
to smell amazing
to smell horrible
to not smell like anything
1.2. Physical characteristics
the posture
the gaze
to look like one's father
to look like one's brother
to look like one another
to have light skin
to have dark skin
to have sensitive skin
to have smooth skin
to be tanned
to be light (skinned)
to be dark (skinned)
to have a good build
to have a good figure
to have good style
to have a good presence
to have a bad build
3.3. Personal objects
the diary
the photo album
the jewellery
the ring
the necklace
the earrings
the bracelet
13.6. Hygiene
the brush
the comb
the hairdryer
the shoes
the showercap
the swimming cap
the shaving foam
the shaving gel
the electric shaver
the shaving razor
the bar of soap
the perfume
13.7. Beauty
the lipstick
the haircut
the hairstyle
to wear mascara
to wear lipstick
to have smooth hands
to have smooth skin
to get a hair cut
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