Unit 10.2

Travelling and transportation III

14.1.3. The beach
the sand
the waves
the sandals
the parasol
the ball
the scubadiver
to sunbathe
to walk along the shore
to play in the sand
14.1.4. The mountain
the walk
the mountaineer
the hiker
the climber
the hunter
to go for a walk
to go for a walk
to go for a walk
to go on an excursion
to go hiking
to go climbing
14.2. Accommodation
the hostel
the hostel
the camping tent
the reception
the entrance
the emergency exit
the receptionist
the sleeping bag
the blanket
the portable fridge
to go camping
to go camping
to be room service
to be a meeting room
to be facilities for the disabled
to be parking
to be full
to be free places
14.3.4. Transport for sea and river
the boat
the canoe
the sailor
the captain
to sail
to board a boat
to disembark a boat
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