Unit 10.1

Travelling and transportation I

14.1.1. Documents and objects related to travelling
the national identity card
the visa
the traveller's cheques
the luggage
the washbag
the travel bag
the excess weight
the road map
the tourist map
the street map
to cancel a ticket
to change a ticket
to check in luggage
to check in suitcases
to lose luggage
to lose suitcases
14.3.3. transport by land
the traveller
the tram
the motorbike
the lorry
the seat
the row
the aisle
the boot
the seatbelt
to drive
to park
to stop
to turn
to get on a bike
to get on a motorbike
to get in a car
to ride a bike
to ride a motorbike
to get in a car
to get off a bike
to get off a motorbike
to get in a car
to change
to miss the train
to miss the bus