Unit 7.2

Science and nature

16.2. Biology
the ecology
the biology
the veterinary science
the genetics
the biologist
the vet
the life
20.5. Fauna
the mammal
the insect
the bird
the reptile
the domestic animal
the wild animal
the companion animal
e Farm animals
the rabbit
the sheep
the lamb
the cockerel
the chicken
e Wild animals
the lion
the tiger
the elephant
the snake
the crocodile
20.6. Flora
the jungle
the nature park
the grass
the lawn
the tree trunk
the leaf
the branch
the root
the indoor plant
the outdoor plant
the fruit tree
to plant a tree
to water the plants
to water the garden
for the leaves to fall off
for the leaves to dry out
to cultivate
to cut a flower
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