Unit 2.1

Shopping and notions

2.6.6. weight
the weight
6.2. Value, price
the sales
the offer
to be at
for the price to increase
for the price to decrease
to pay in coins
to pay by cheque
in dollars
in pounds
6.3. Attraction
to find something pretty
to find something ugly
to seem pretty (to someone)
to seem ugly (to someone)
12.1. places, people and activities
the emergency exit
the escalator
the parking
the offer
the discount
the guarantee
to get a refund
to exchange
to go sale shopping
to go sale shopping
to put on a sale
to be sale
to have a sale
to be discounted
to give a discount
to go up in price
to put the price down
to be on offer
to have a guarantee
to have special prices
to have special prices
to buy from catalogue
to buy on the internet
to sell in a catalogue
to sell on the internet
15.3.3. advertising, marketing
the marketing
the poster
the leaflet
the catalogue
the exhibition
the advertising
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