Unit 9.2

Qualitative notions, diet and shopping

5.10. Taste
to taste
to taste good
to taste bad
to taste excellent
to taste horrible
to taste like
to taste like
to have no taste
5.1. Diet and nutrition
the healthy diet
the balanced diet
the natural product
the diabetic products
the heavy foods
the light foods
the heavy meal
the light meal
the calories
the vitamins
the proteins
the fibre
the iron
to feed
5.2. Drink
the lime blossom tea
the camomile tea
the mint tea
the new wine
the house wine
the reserve wine
to open the bottle
to serve a drink
to try a drink
to have a drink
to be drunk
to have a hangover
12.3. Food
the (shopping) trolley
the (shopping) trolley
the (shopping) basket
the (shopping) bag
the frozen section
the dairy section
the drinks section
the slice of ham
the slice of cheese
the piece of cake
the piece of bread
to be off
to be out of date
to have on offer
to have on promotion
to be on offer
to be on promotion