Unit 2.2

Quantitative notions and business

2.1. Numerical quantity
the amount
the total
to count
to add
to subtract
to multiply
to divide
in total
[cardinal number] + percent
7.5. Rights and responsibilities at work
the contract
the salary
(total) availability
the job security
the flexible hours
the immediate start
the training paid for by the company
the possibility of promotion
the union
to have a salary
to receive a salary
to raise a salary
to lower a salary
to be on holiday
to strike
to retire
7.6. Characteristics of a worker
15.1.1. economy and money
the economy
the economist
the mortgage
the poverty
the wealth
the Third World
the rich countries
the poor countries
the developing countries
to have change
to have change
to carry change
to carry change
to pay in coins
to pay in cash
to spend
15.1.2. Financial market
to raise interest
to lower interest
15.2. Rent
to pay tax