Unit 11.2

Services, science, governance and society

11.6. Security services
the security guard
the thief
the murderer
the robbery
the death
to rob
to kill
16.1. General issues
the study
the analysis
the method
the subject matter
the invention
the discovery
the laboratory
to experiment
to find out about
to invent
17.1.1. community life
the sociology
the history
the sociologists
the historian
the politician
the citizen
the community
the organisation
the club
the ancient history
the medieval history
the universal history
the contemporary history
the history of art
the rights
the obligations
the crisis
the progress
17.3. Law and justice
the constitution
the law
the thief
the terrorist
the theft
the death
the terrorism
the terrorist group
the terrorist attack
to steal
to kill
to be (il)legal
to go to prison