Unit 2.2

Quantitative notions and job

2.3. Increase, decrease
the increase
the reduction
the discount
to increase
to decrease
7.1. Professions and roles
the HR manager
the bank employee
the head of sales
the profession
the white-collar profession
the stand-in
the assistant
the intern
to work for a transport company
to work for a services company
to be an assistant
to be a babysitter
7.2.1. Workplaces
the human resources department
the accounting department
the administration department
the lawyer's office
the laboratory
7.3. Work activity
the trade
the white-collar profession
to give a presentation
to make a report
to make a estimate
to carry out a project
Activities of an administrative assistant
to make an order
to classify documents
to file documents
to deal with clients
to deal with users
to put data into a computer
to enter data into a computer
7.4. Unemployment and job searching
the offer
the demand
the job advertisement
the interviewee
the interviewer
to have training
to have experience
to look for work
to write a cover letter
to send a cover letter
to write the CV
to present the CV
to sit an interview
to have an interview
to sign a contract
to fire