Unit 6.2

Artistic activities I

18.1. Disciplines and artistic qualities
the imagination
the work of art
the art gallery
the architect
the classical art
the modern art
the classical style
the modern style
to create
to design
to photograph
to be a genius
18.3. Architecture, sculpture and painting
the work of art
the art gallery
the designer
the sculptor
the architecture
the sculpture
to design
to paint a painting
to paint a landscape
to paint a portrait
to build an aqueduct
to build a wall
to build a mosque
to build a synagogue
18.4. Literature
the poet
the novelist
the translator
the character
the protagonist
the poem
the (auto)biography
the classic literature
the modern literature
the crime novel
the historical novel
the romance novel
the science fiction novel
the adventure novel
to tell (the story of)
to be about


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