Unit 4.1

Time, spatial and physical notions

3.2. Absolute position
(to be) awake
(to be) asleep
4.3.13. change
the development
the progress
to increase
to decrease
to gain weight
to lose weight
to grow
to get happy
to get nervous
to fall ill
to stand up
to fall asleep
to get pregnant
to go crazy
to change topic
to change one's mind
to stop + present participle
1.3. Bodily actions and positions
to walk
to go for a walk
to jump
to be sat down
to stand
to breathe
to cry
to smell
to touch
to kiss
to hug
to put one's hands up
to put one's arms up
to lift one's head
to put one's hands down
to put one's arms down
to move one's head
to move one's hands
to more one's arms
to move one's head
to let out