Unit 10.2

Existential and spatial notions, services

1.3. Availability, unavailability
to be free
to be free
to come to the phone
to be on the phone
3.5. Movement, stability
the activity
the departure
the arrival
the stop
to go
to drive
to park
to move
to stop
to fall
to get up
to escape
to jump
to sail
to go horseriding
to ride a motorbike
to ride a bike
to take a break
to go for a walk
to throw on the floor
to throw in the bin
3.6. Orientation, direction
the direction
the way
to send
to send
to go (to)
to move away (from)
to take the road
to take the road
to take the motorway
to continue along
to continue along
to go through
to go up
to go down
to go on the right
to drive on the left
11.8. Services for public use
the public toilets
the public toilets
the W.C.
the traffic light


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