Unit 4.2

Physical dimension and health

1.1. Body parts
the muscle
the bone
the skin
the heart
the lung
the neck
the shoulders
the chest
the waist
the belly
the knee
the ankle
the elbow
the wrist
13.1. Health and illnesses
the medical insurance
the medical insurance
the public health service
the private health service
to have diarrhoea
to have cancer
to have aids
to get ill
to get ill
to get well
to have good health
to have bad health
to look after the sick
to cure the sick
to do a diet
to be healthy
to be off sick
13.2. Injuries and trauma
the burn
the cut
the wound
to fall
to hit
to burn a finger
to burn a hand
to cut off a finger
to cut off a hand
to cut oneself
to break a leg
to break an arm
to lose weight
to gain weight
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