Unit 10.1

Quantitative notions, travelling and transportation

2.6.4. distance
to be [cardinal number]  + metres
to be [cardinal number] + kilometres
2.6.5. speed
the speed
to go at + [cardinal number] + (kilometres) per hour
to drive at + [cardinal number] + (kilometres per hour)
in a rush
little by little
5.14. Accesibility
the traffic jam
14.3.1. transport network
the motorway
the track
the platform
the tunnel
the traffic light
the zebra crossing
the pedestrian crossing
the bus lane
the cycle lane
to have a caravan
to be a traffic jam
to be a traffic jam
to be late
to leave late
to arrive late
to stop
14.4.1. Driving regulations
the traffic
the traffic
the traffic police
14.4.2. Incidents related to driving
the traffic accident
the car accident
to be an accident
to have an accident
to see an accident
14.4.3. Repair and maintenance
the petrol station
the unleaded petrol
the normal petrol
the super petrol
the diesel
to be broken
to fix the car
14.4.4. Insurance
the car insurance
the road tax
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