Unit 2.2

Business and science

6.8. Correction
the mistake
to correct
to check
7.2.2. An architect's tools
the plans
the computer programme
7.2.3. Work clothes
the helmet
the boots
12.4. Payments
the change
the change
to pay interest
to charge interest
to come to the checkout
15.3.1. Commercial transactions and markets
the purchase
the sale
the commerce
the importation
the exportation
to owe money
to pay tax
to pay in coins
to pay by cheque
to have a discount
to give a discount
to raise the price
to lower the price
to increase the price
to decrease the price
15.3.2. Exterior commerce
the importation
the exportation
to import
to export
15.4.1. types of company and organisation
the organisation
the company
the agency
the laboratory
the employee
the activity
the production
the manufacture
the position
the strike
the worker
to produce
to manufacture
16.3. Mathematics
the circle
the triangle
to add
to subtract
to multiply
to divide