Unit 7.2

Geography and nature II

20.4. Climate and atmospheric conditions
the season (of the year)
the hail
the ice
the hurricane
the wave of cold
the heat wave
the dry climate
the humid climate
to get cloudy
for the sun to come out
to be clear (the sky)
to be cloudy (the sky)
20.7. Environmental problems and natural disasters
the contamination
the pollution
the earthquake
the hurricane
the ecology
the ecologist
the recycling
the recycled paper
the recycled cardboard
the recycled glass
the paper collection box
the glass collection box
the climate change
the alternative energy
the natural resources
the hole in the ozone layer
the contaminant
to look after the environment
to look after nature
to respect the environment
to respect nature
to protect the environment
to protect nature
to conserve the environment
to conserve nature
to recycle glass
to recycle batteries
to recycle paper
to recycle cardboard
to recycle cans