Unit 8.2

One in ones


Z one in ones zamenjujemo besede v povedi, da bi se izognili ponavljanju.


Ko uporabljamo one in ones, se poslužujemo naslednjih struktur:

  • One: za števne samostalnike v ednini.
  • Ones: za števne samostalnike v množini.

Ne uporabljamo ju z neštevnimi samostalniki.


  • One
    • I would like a waffle. Just a small one with some cream and berries.
    • This novel is better than that one.
    • They have a new camera, it’s the one I saw in the newspaper.
  • Ones
    • I really like these drawings, the ones which Peter drew.
    • He needs new photos of her. The ones that I took are too dark.
    • They saw new paintings of Joanna, the ones which are at the exhibition.


One in ones uporabljamo, da bi se izognili ponavljanju nepotrebnih besed (števnih samostalnikov v ednini ali množini).


One in ones uporabljamo v izogib ponavljanju.

  • One uporabljamo namesto števnih samostalnikov v ednini.
  • Ones uporabljamo namesto števnih samostalnikov v množini.

Na primer:
— “There is a phone on the table. The black one is mine.” = Phone je števni samostalnik v ednini.
— “There are 3 phones on the table. The black ones are mine.” = Phones je števni samsotalnik v množini.

Ponovi to vsebino v delu {Form} in si poglej del {Example}, ki prikazuje rabo v kontekstu.


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